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Kerry's Drunk Strawberry Punch

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Kerry's Drunk Strawberry Punch

Drink Type: Punch


24 Strawberries (more Strawberries drinks)
2 bottle(s) Brandy (more Brandy drinks)
6 bottle(s) Sparkling Wine (more Sparkling Wine drinks)
Ginger Ale (more Ginger Ale drinks)
Tea (cold) (more Tea drinks)
Fruit Juice (more Fruit Juice drinks)


Soak the Strawberries in the brandy for approximately 1-2 weeks (they will turn white) Then put the strawberries and brandy in a large bowl and add the sparkling wine Taste the punch then add a smallish random amount of Ginger Ale, Cold Tea and Fruit Juice to the mixture until you get the flavour you want. Be warned don't eat too many strawberries, they are a bit like the worm in Tequilla!


Justin Maloney

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