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Grape Soda

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Grape Soda

Drink Type: Cocktail


1/2 oz. Blue Curacao (more Blue Curacao drinks)
1/2 oz. Blackberry Brandy (more Blackberry Brandy drinks)
1/2 oz. Chambord Raspberry Liqueur (more Chambord Raspberry Liqueur drinks)
1/2 oz. Vodka (more Vodka drinks)
2 oz. Cranberry Juice (more Cranberry Juice drinks)
1 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix (more Sweet and Sour Mix drinks)
1/4 oz. Sprite (more Sprite drinks)


Fill a collins glass with ice then build the drink starting with the blue curacao. After you pour the cranberry juice you'll want to give it a good shake and then fill with a splash of soda. Now you got a drink that taste just like the grape soda you drank when you were a kid!


Tom Canfield

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