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Devil's Brew

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Devil's Brew

Drink Type: Punch


14 cup(s) Vodka (more Vodka drinks)
14 cup(s) Port (more Port drinks)
4 cup(s) Gin (more Gin drinks)
4 cup(s) Whiskey (more Whiskey drinks)
2 cup(s) Tequila (more Tequila drinks)
2 pint(s) Lager (Strong) (more Lager drinks)
10 bottle(s) White Wine (75 cl. bottles) (more White Wine drinks)
7 bottle(s) Hoopers Hooch (more Hoopers Hooch drinks)
3 can(s) Red Bull Energy Drink (more Red Bull Energy Drink drinks)
10 cup(s) Sprite (more Sprite drinks)
4 cup(s) Fanta (See rest of ingredients in the instructions) (more Fanta drinks)


…rest of ingredients: 25 cups of apple cider, 10 cups of apple juice and 2 cups of Rio fruit drink. Good luck for measuring and finding all that! The rest is easy: Mix in a HUGE container with chunks of ice!



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