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Crying Game

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Crying Game

Drink Type: Cocktail


1/5 oz. Jack Daniel's Whiskey (more Jack Daniel's Whiskey drinks)
1/5 oz. Absolut Vodka (more Absolut Vodka drinks)
1/5 oz. Kahlua (more Kahlua drinks)
1/5 oz. Baileys Irish Cream (more Baileys Irish Cream drinks)
1/5 oz. Grenadine (more Grenadine drinks)
1 oz. Tequila (more Tequila drinks)
1 oz. Rum (more Rum drinks)
5 oz. Tomato Juice (more Tomato Juice drinks)


Mix JD, vodka, and Kahlua. Heat Bailey's Irish Cream, tequila, and rum over medium flame. Mix all with tomato juice, and top with grenadine. Garnish with a stalk of celery and a green onion.

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