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Cherry Liqueur #2

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Cherry Liqueur #2

Drink Type: Cocktail


1/5 gallon(s) Brandy (more Brandy drinks)
3 cup(s) Cherries (more Cherries drinks)
1/4 oz. Sugar Syrup (more Sugar Syrup drinks)


Pit and cut up cherries. Take about half of the pits, wrap them in cloth, and smash them with a hammer. You will know each time a seed breaks from the loud "pop". Put the cherries and the crushed seeds in a jar, add the brandy, and close tightly. Let steep for about three weeks, then strain off the liquid with a wire strainer and extract any additional fluid you can from the cherries by wringing them wrapped in a cloth. Add the sugar syrup, shake, and filter through a cloth to remove any remaining fruit particles.

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