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Cali Style Frozen Margarita

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Cali Style Frozen Margarita

Drink Type: Punch


1 can(s) Tequila (more Tequila drinks)
1/2 can(s) Triple Sec (more Triple Sec drinks)
1 can(s) Limeade (more Limeade drinks)
Fresh Fruit (Chopped) (more Fresh Fruit drinks)


1. Blend Limeade, tequila and triple sec (use the can of Limeade to measure the tequila and triple sec). 2. Empty about 1/2 of the mixture in to a separate container for later use. 3. In the remaining mix, add ice and fruit (example: mango, banana, strawberry, peach, ) if desired and tequila (if there is room). 4. Blend well and repeat step 3 with the batch you put aside. Enjoy in chilled cocktail glasses.


Brian Follett

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