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Cajun Martini #1

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Cajun Martini #1

Drink Type: Punch


1 bottle(s) Beefeater Dry Gin (more Beefeater Dry Gin drinks)
2 Jalapeno Pepper (more Jalapeno Pepper drinks)
1 Pepper (Red chili pepper) (more Pepper drinks)
Dry Vermouth (preferably Stock's) (more Dry Vermouth drinks)


Pour the Beefeater Gin in a large jug. Add 2 or 3 fresh jalapeno peppers (sliced, seeded and deveined) and a single red chili pepper. Let sit in the refrigerator for two days. Shake 1 oz. of the _peppered gin_ with 5 oz. of ice and 1 oz. of dry vermouth. Serve straight up or on the rocks (if too hot, dilute with more Beefeater Gin).


Beefeater's "Made in London"

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