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Cafe Brulot

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Cafe Brulot

Drink Type: Punch


1 cup(s) Cognac (more Cognac drinks)
2 oz. White Curacao (more White Curacao drinks)
1 quart(s) Coffee (Hot) (more Coffee drinks)
2 Cinnamon Sticks (more Cinnamon Sticks drinks)
12 Cloves (more Cloves drinks)
4 Sugar Cubes (more Sugar Cubes drinks)
2 Lemons (more Lemons drinks)
2 Oranges (more Oranges drinks)


Peel the lemons and oranges and cut the peels in thin stripes then mash them with the cinnamon sticks and the cloves. Put them in a heat proof bowl and stir in the cognac and the curacao. Ignite and slowly stir in the coffee until the flames are out. Serve in mugs. Makes approximately 7 servings. ALWAYS USE CAUTION WITH FIRE.

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