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Tequila Rose Drinks

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Drinks containing Tequila Rose

Choose from 29 drink recipes containing Tequila Rose.

Learn more about Tequila Rose in the drink dictionary!

99 Roses (Shooter)
99 Bananas Schnapps, Tequila Rose
Beauty and the Beast (Shooter)
Jagermeister, Tequila Rose
Blushing Nipple (Shooter)
Baileys Irish Cream, Tequila Rose
Brain Hemmorhage (Shooter)
Grenadine, Peach Schnapps, Tequila Rose
Candy Rose (Cocktail)
Cranberry Juice, Midori, Tequila Rose
China Girl (Cocktail)
Frost Brandy, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Tequila, Tequila Rose
Damn Rose (Shooter)
Dekuyper Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps, Tequila Rose
Fire Berry (Cocktail)
Goldschlager, Tequila Rose
Flowerery Screw (Cocktail)
After Shock Liqueur, Dekuyper Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps, Tequila Rose
G-Spot #2 (Shooter)
Blackberry Brandy, Tequila Rose
JagerRose (Shooter)
Jagermeister, Tequila Rose
Kick In The Cahonies (Shooter)
Amaretto, Tequila Rose
Ladies Cream (Cocktail)
Godet White Chocloate Liqueur, Tequila Rose
Mad Jawa Valentines Day Massacre (Cocktail)
Banana Liqueur, Dekuyper Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps, Milk, Sambuca, Tequila Rose
Midnight Kiss (Shooter)
Bols Blue Curacao, Tequila Rose
Neopolitan (Shooter)
Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Tequila Rose
Pink Bunny Of Carbanaugh (Cocktail)
Amaretto, Half and Half Cream, Tequila Rose
Pink Pussy #2 (Shooter)
Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball, Tequila Rose
Sex Me Up Cowboy (Shooter)
Butter Shots, Irish Cream, Tequila Rose
Sex With A Redhead (Shooter)
Bombay Sapphire Gin, Dekuyper Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps, Tequila Rose
Sex with Rose (Shooter)
Dekuyper Razzmatazz, Midori, Tequila Rose
Steamy Apple (Hot Drink)
Apple Cider, Tequila Rose, Whipped Cream
Strawberry Paradise (Cocktail)
Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Kiwi, Peach, Tequila Rose
Strawberry Rose Margarita (Cocktail)
7-Up, Strawberry Margarita Mix, Tequila Rose
Summer's Strawberry Rose (Cocktail)
Bacardi White Rum, Strawberry Mix, Tequila Rose
The Checker Flag (Cocktail)
Milk, Tequila Rose
Thorny Love (Shooter)
Grenadine, Half and Half Cream, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Tequila Rose, Vodka
Thorny Rose (Shooter)
Peppermint Schnapps, Tequila Rose, Tia Maria
TRIO (Shooter)
Mozart Liqueur, Tequila Rose, Whipped Cream
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