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Cinnamon Schnapps Drinks

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Drinks containing Cinnamon Schnapps

Choose from 41 drink recipes containing Cinnamon Schnapps.

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Apple Pie #3 (Cocktail)
Apple Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps
Astro Pop (Shooter)
Blue Curacao, Cinnamon Schnapps, Goldschlager, Jagermeister, Midori, Rumple Minze
Atomic Fireball (Shooter)
Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Cinnamon Schnapps, Tabasco Sauce
Baked Apple Martini (Martini)
Butterscotch Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, Cranberry Juice, Sour Apple Pucker, Sour Mix, Van Gogh Wild Appel Vodka
Black Gold (Hot Drink)
Amaretto, Cinnamon Schnapps, Coffee, Hazelnut Liqueur, Irish Cream, Triple Sec
Black Gold Shooter (Shooter)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Sambuca
Blow Job (Jenna Jameson) (Shooter)
Cherry Liqueur, Cinnamon Schnapps, Irish Cream, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Whipped Cream
Candy Cane #3 (Cocktail)
7-Up, Cherry Juice, Cinnamon Schnapps
Cappuccino Freeze (Hot Drink)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Dark Rum, Heavy Cream, Instant Coffee, Sugar
Carrot Cake #2 (Shooter)
Butterscotch Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, Irish Cream
Cherry Cinn (Cocktail)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Coca Cola, Dark Rum, Grenadine, Maraschino Cherries
Cinnamon Twist (Cocktail)
7-Up, Cinnamon Schnapps
Coffee-mate Cinnamon Bun-derful (Martini)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Cinnamon Syrup, Coffee, Coffee-Mate French Vanilla
Did You Get The Number Of That Truck (Punch)
Apple Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, Squirt, Whiskey
Dragon Piss #1 (Shooter)
Butterscotch Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, Mountain Dew
Eskimo Joe (Shooter)
Baileys Irish Cream, Cinnamon Schnapps, Green Creme de Menthe, Milk
Fireball #3 (Cocktail)
Cherry Brandy, Cinnamon Schnapps
Fireball #4 (Shooter)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Tabasco Sauce
Firecracker (Cocktail)
Cherry Brandy, Cinnamon Schnapps, Tabasco Sauce
Flaming Cherry (Cocktail)
Cherry Cola, Cinnamon Schnapps
Great Balls Of Fire! (Shooter)
Cherry Brandy, Cinnamon Schnapps, Goldschlager
Green Machine (Shooter)
Absinthe, Cinnamon Schnapps, Pisang Ambon, Vodka
Hell's Breath (Shooter)
Absolut Peppar Vodka, Cinnamon Schnapps, Goldschlager, Tabasco Sauce
Hot Cinnamon Roll (Cocktail)
Apple Cider, Cinnamon Schnapps
Hot Pussy (Cocktail)
Cinnamon Schnapps, La Grande Passion Liqueur, Tabasco Sauce
Jack Ass (Shooter)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Yukon Jack
Jawbreaker (Shooter)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Tabasco Sauce
Oatmeal Cookie #2 (Shooter)
Butterscotch Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, Irish Cream, Vodka
Oatmeal Cookie Shot #2 (Shooter)
Baileys Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps, Cinnamon Schnapps, Jagermeister
Original Sin (Cocktail)
Cinnamon Schnapps, DNA Alcoholic Spring Water
Raspberry Donut (Shooter)
Baileys Irish Cream, Cinnamon Schnapps, Grenadine
Red Hot (Shooter)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Tabasco Sauce, Tequila
Red Hot Communist Bastard (Cocktail)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Stolichnaya ( Stoli ) Vodka
Red Panties (Shooter)
Cherry Pucker, Cinnamon Schnapps
Rock Lobster (Shooter)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Wild Turkey 80 Proof Bourbon
Saddle Warmer (Hot Drink)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Hot Chocolate, Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Sailor Mars (Shooter)
151 Proof Rum, Cinnamon Schnapps, Grenadine, Peppermint Schnapps
Sepultura (Cocktail)
Absinthe, Beer, Cinnamon Schnapps
Snowball #2 (Hot Drink)
Cinnamon Schnapps, Coffee, Kahlua
Trace of Mango Martini (Martini)
Apple Juice, Apple Liqueur, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Cinnamon Schnapps, Mango
Truck Punch (Punch)
Apple Schnapps, Bourbon Whiskey, Cinnamon Schnapps, Squirt
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