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Almond Extract Drinks

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Drinks containing Almond Extract

Choose from 9 drink recipes containing Almond Extract.

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Bacardi Dragon Berry Shanghai Shake (Cocktail)
Almond Extract, Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, Lime Juice, Orange Curacao, Pineapple Juice
Banana Milk Shake #1 (Non-Alcoholic)
Almond Extract, Banana, Honey, Milk, Orange Juice
Bourbon Cooler #2 (Cocktail)
Almond Extract, Bourbon Whiskey, Grapefruit Juice, Lemon Juice
Coffee Almond Float (Non-Alcoholic)
Almond Extract, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Ice Cream, Instant Coffee, Milk, Water
Cool Cow (Non-Alcoholic)
Almond Extract, Honey, Milk
Cranberry Punch #1 (Punch)
Almond Extract, Cranberry Juice, Ginger Ale, Pineapple Juice, Sugar
Egg Nog #2 (Non-Alcoholic)
Almond Extract, Egg, Milk, Sugar, Vanilla Extract
Mount Gay Holiday Egg Nog (Hot Drink)
Almond Extract, Egg, Heavy Cream, Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Superfine Sugar, Vanilla Extract
Sour Witch (Cocktail)
Almond Extract, Lime Juice, Lucid Absinthe Superieure
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